Our Team

The Black Bee Honey team seated at their farmer's market booth

Our Team

Black Bee Honey was created to provide Parramore youth an opportunity to operate and manage their own business while simultaneously providing the residents of the greater Orlando area high quality, nutritional honey. These simultaneous provisions introduce an intangible wealth into the community by investing in underserved youth who will later invest in the community. 

Black Bee Honey isn’t just about how healthy our products are. It’s also about creating a healthy community, physically, socially, and economically. 

Reginald T. Burroughs III, Youth Employment Coordinator for PKZ, Inc.

Reginald T. Burroughs III

Reginald, a former Parramore resident and PKZ youth, works with local at-risk children to cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit and encourages them to be agents of change in their community. He works to build a bond between the Parramore youth and local businesses and government entities in order to foster long-term employment and educational opportunities.

Reginald has a Bachelor's degree in political science with a concentration in International Relations from Morehouse College and masters level experience from the Wake Forest School of Business. He brings his life experiences and business acumen back to the community to teach the Parramore youth what can be accomplished with education, hard work, and a true hunger for personal success.