selection of raw local honey in bottles

Find Black Bee Honey Locally

Black Bee Honey set out to take their local Parramore community from a food desert and turn it into a food oasis, but the Mission doesn't stop there. Black bee Honey is now partnering with local restaurants in the Orlando community to provide everyone with access to their healthy and delicious, organic honey.  

Artisans Table  

Artisans Table Creative Kitchen and Bar offers a constantly changing menu of craft cuisine and cocktails. They combine intriguing flavors, global influences, and classic favorites to create a unique dining experience. Whether you’re stopping by for their tasty menu, awesome happy hour specials, or to grab a bottle of Black Bee Honey, Artisan's Table should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Downtown Orlando.  


Popcorn junkie  

Handcrafted Goodness! 

Popcorn Junkie® is the Orlando's destination for fresh, gourmet popcorn. We handcraft our gourmet flavors daily using our own "made from scratch" recipes and the finest ingredients like non-GMO kernels, non-GMO brown sugar, creamy butter, real vanilla & fruit extracts and real cheddar cheese. You'll be Hooked on all the  PayGoodness Inside! 
Quality like this is not on the shelf, we've got it FRESH in the bag. 
We love giving out FREE Samples! Stop by to try some Popcorn Junkie fan favorites like the PJ Mix (Crispy Caramel & Cheesy Cheddar mixed), or feel the heat with our spicy Cha Cha Sriracha, Fiery Buffalo & Jalapeno flavors. You'll "Go Nuts" for our Almond Toffee, Cashew Caramel & Pecan Caramel flavors, all made with premium gourmet nuts. If you're a chocolate lover, our decadent Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt or Milk & White Chocolate Drizzle flavors will satisfy your craving. 
Spice it Up! Visit our in-store Seasoning Craft™ spice bar to Spritz, Shake & Create your own unique flavor. It' FREE!


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Ten percent of all proceeds go directly towards Black Bee Honey.