Black Bee Honey is a student entrepreneurship program founded by the youth in Parramore Kidz Zone. 

Our Honey


About Us

Founded in 2017, Black Bee Honey is a non-profit organization ran by young entrepreneurs from the Parramore and Holden Heights communities in Orlando, Florida. Our mission is to turn our communities from food deserts to food oases. Through our nutritious honey we provide our community with access to food that has various health benefits and serves as a great substitute to sugar.

In our few years of operation we’ve had the honor of being guests on the Steve Harvey Show where Steve gifted us with an iGourmet partnership allowing us to have international reach. We’ve also expanded our local footprint through partnerships with Central Florida companies such as Popcorn Junkie, Grand Bohemian, Artisans Table and Ivanhoe Brewery.  We’ve even had the honor of being recognized with awards such as the MAN UP Mentoring Award and the Eagle Award for Outstanding Community Achievement.

We’re grateful for our journey thus far and glad you’ve landed on our site.