Our Honey

Student pouring honey into a bottle

About the Honey and the Process

Black Bee Honey comes from Dadant & Sons in High Springs, FL, one of the top businesses in the beekeeping field.  

There are six different kinds of honey, including:

  • Wildflower 
  • Saw Palmetto 
  • Gallberry 
  • Sourwood (seasonal) 
  • Orange Blosom 
  • Tupelo (seasonal) 

Black Bee Honey employees jar and label the honey at the Dr. J.B. Callahan Neighborhood Center in Parramore, a facility approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. 

Buy Our Honey at the Parramore Farmers Market

The honey is sold at a booth during the Parramore Farmers Market on most Saturdays.
Online orders will be opening soon! 

Proceeds from honey sales are reinvested into the Parramore Pidz Zone (PKZ) youth employment fund, which pays the Black Bee Honey employees, as well as further investing in other PKZ programming. 

selection of raw local honey in bottles

Support Us!

You can also support us by shopping on igourmet.com, using code, Beez
Ten percent of all proceeds go directly towards Black Bee Honey.